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How Forensic Investigations Can Help With Roof Damage Claims November 8, 2018

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How Forensic Investigations Can Help With Roof Damage Claims, La Marque, Texas

Having a damaged roof is not only inconvenient, but it can also put a dent in your wallet. To find out if the damage is covered by insurance, you’ll need to submit a damage claim outlining all the repairs that need to be made. With the help of a forensic investigations team, this process is smoother. 

The Connection Between Forensic Investigations & Roof Damage Claims

What Is a Forensic Investigation?

When a roof is damaged by harsh outdoor elements such as wind, snow, or hail, a forensic investigator’s job is to carefully inspect the area and document the damage using photos and videos. Some common problems they see when inspecting a roof include water leaks, roof moisture, and lifted shingles. The cause of the damage is written in a report, along with all the physical evidence. After the investigation, you might also receive recommendations on how to restore the roof to its former glory.

How Does an Investigation Benefit You?

Forensic InvestigationsHaving a forensic investigation performed on your roof after significant damage has many benefits. The damage assessment can be used as evidence for your insurance claim. Since an experienced forensic investigator is viewed as a reliable source, their official report might qualify you for assistance from your insurance company.This will save you from shelling out money on expensive repairs.


Put your trust in the team at Cobalt Engineering and Inspections, located in La Marque, TX, for your forensic investigation. With experience in residential and commercial building inspection, the structural engineering experts provide exceptional service that their customers are happy with. For more information about starting the inspection process, visit them online or call (409) 526-9988 to get a quote today.

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