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5 Ways to Prepare a Home for Aging in Place June 20, 2018

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5 Ways to Prepare a Home for Aging in Place, Lakeville, New York

Many elderly individuals like to put off the move to an assisted living facility and stay in their own home for as long as possible. Known as “aging in place,” this allows seniors to remain in their comfort zone, sometimes with the help of a home aide. Some remodeling tricks can help ensure that the space remains a safe and comfortable place to live.

5 Senior-Friendly Renovation Tips

1. Embrace a No-Step Configuration

If the house has stairs, install an elevator or stair glides. Less mobile seniors may prefer to move their bedroom downstairs to avoid extra exertion. Also, take into consideration raised doorsills, which can cause trips. These can be removed and smoothed over.

2. Accommodate Mobility Devices

home aideWhether it’s a walker, cane, or wheelchair, many aging individuals require mobility assistance. In addition to a no-step configuration, you may need to widen doorways and hallways to allow large scooters and wheelchairs through.

3. Redo the Bathroom

Install a shower cabinet with a seat and railing to avoid falls, as a high-ledge bathtub is usually tough to get in and out of. A raised toilet seat with a railing next to it is easier to get up from. If the senior doesn’t have a full-time home aide, this is essential.

4. Add Lights

Seniors often have poor eyesight. Add light fixtures throughout the home to help them navigate and avoid accidents. Remove heavy drapes and curtains to encourage natural light as well.

5. Create A Low-Maintenance Exterior

Aging in place isn’t just about creating a comfortable interior; the exterior of the home also needs to be fixed. For instance, pave graveled walkways so they are smooth and install only low-maintenance plants in the garden. Consider hiring professionals to come by and take care of tasks like gardening or snow removal.


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