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How to Handle 3 Common Dental Emergencies Among Kids June 1, 2018

Downtown Eagle River, Anchorage
How to Handle 3 Common Dental Emergencies Among Kids, Anchorage, Alaska

As any loving parent knows, taking care of kids is all about expecting the unexpected. When it comes to your little one’s dental health, there are certain accidents you can prepare for. Below, the pediatric dentists of Discovery Dental in Eagle River, AK, explain three of the most common dental emergencies kids face—and what parents can do if they occur.

3 Common Kids Dental Care Emergencies

1. Knocked-Out Tooth

Whether they are playing sports or simply roughhousing with friends, kids are prone to bumps and thumps. If they happen to get a blow to the face, they can lose a tooth. The best way to prevent this is to make sure kids wear mouth protection. Should your little one lose a permanent tooth, pick it up by the crown and rinse off debris. Place it back in the socket and see a pediatric dentist right away. 

2. Fractured Tooth

teeth cleaningAn impact to the face may also cause a tooth to fracture. Again, the best way to prevent this is to ensure your child wears a mouth guard and helmet as needed when taking part in physical activity. If they do suffer a fracture, gather the pieces of tooth and place them in a container of milk, and get to a dental clinic as soon as possible. 

3. Toothache

Kids can get toothaches for various reasons, from cavities to permanent teeth pushing their way in. The best way to prevent them is to encourage proper teeth cleaning. Teach your child to brush for two minutes every morning and night and to floss before bed. If your little one complains of discomfort, rinse their mouth with warm water to dislodge irritating particles and ease pain. If the problem doesn’t resolve within two days, see a pediatric dentist.

For urgent children’s dental care in Eagle River, AK, trust Discovery Dental. Catering exclusively to children, this dentistry practice is known for its gentle and welcoming approach. Your little one will feel at ease here. To request an appointment with a pediatric dentist, use the online form or call (907) 622-5437.

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