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3 Common Dental Problems for Kids July 11, 2018

Springfield, Hamilton
3 Common Dental Problems for Kids, Springfield, Ohio

Whether your child has gotten all of their teeth or they’re still in the process of developing them, there are some frequent dental problems that dentists see among kids of all ages. Children should visit a family dentistry clinic as soon as teeth start to come in, as cleanings are just as important at a young age as they are for adults and can address common issues. 

Family Dentistry Guide to Kid’s Dental Problems 

1. Tooth Decay & Cavities

family dentistryTooth decay is more common among children than you might think. Because most babies and kids primarily drink milk or juice for nutrition, those natural sugars are creating buildup on their enamel. More so, if they aren’t drinking water to flush away plaque or brushing well enough, that can eventually turn into tartar, then into a cavity. Eventually, the issue will need to be addressed by a family dentistry clinic. 

2. Grinding Teeth

Children may grind their teeth without even realizing it. If they’re feeling pain from a headache or toothache, they may grind as a natural response. Sometimes kids will even develop the habit when they’re under a lot of pressure or feeling stressed. Overtime, grinding can lead to teeth sensitivity or even remove some of the enamel from the tooth. 

3. Thumb Sucking

Most babies and younger kids suck their thumb because it’s a comfortable and soothing habit, but it can be detrimental to teeth if it continues after permanent ones come in. That’s because the thumb can alter the placement of teeth as they grow in, changing the natural course of alignment. 


Children’s oral health is crucial, so finding a dentist who can ensure their teeth are healthy is important. If you’re searching for a family dentistry clinic in Cincinnati, OH, look to the team at Lowitz & Meier. Offering premier dental care for the entire family, their staff will help with everything from general dentistry to oral surgery, dental crowns, and teeth whitening. To learn more about how their practice can help your kids, visit them online or call (513) 521-8900 to set up your first appointment today. 

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