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How to Enhance Your Home With Energy-Efficient Lighting June 1, 2018

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How to Enhance Your Home With Energy-Efficient Lighting, Lexington-Fayette Northeast, Kentucky

As a homeowner, it’s always exciting to find ways you can lower energy costs throughout the house. According to Kentucky Lighting & Supply in Lexington, one of the easiest methods is through advancements in energy-efficient lighting. If you’re eager to cut costs and reduce the carbon footprint, consider the following list.

3 Ways to Incorporate Energy-Efficient Lighting Into Your Home

1. LEDs & CFLs

These acronyms represent two leading examples of energy-efficient lighting. To make a home eco-friendlier and save on electricity costs, trade standard incandescent bulbs for these varieties. CFLs look like large coils and use 25–35% less energy than incandescent ones. LEDs are long, skinny, and the more energy-efficient of the two. Since they can direct light in specific directions, they are ideal for recessed fixtures and task lights.

2. Use Dimmers

lightingWhether you’re watching a movie or having a romantic dinner, you might not want the lights completely on or off. This is where dimmers change the game—they control the electricity flow that reaches a bulb. If you don’t want the lights on full blast, a dimmer allows you to only use the energy you need. Therefore, they also allow bulbs to last longer.

3. Timer-Controlled Lighting

Timers are another essential tool when it comes to energy-efficient lighting. Whether you program them with an app or a physical controller, you can set the entire network to turn on and shut off at certain times. With a timer, you never have to worrying about shutting off the lights before bed. Also, if you go away on vacation and want to deter break-ins, you can program the lights to only turn on at night. That way, you won’t be using energy 24 hours a day.  

To incorporate some of these products into your home lighting system, contact Kentucky Lighting & Supply today at (859) 259-0466. They are happy to service residential, commercial, and industrial clients, and they draw on over 50 years of experience to provide the best possible input. For more information about their brilliant lighting showrooms, visit the website.

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