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4 Signs Your Electrical System Is Outdated October 4, 2018

Hamden, New Haven County
4 Signs Your Electrical System Is Outdated, Hamden, Connecticut

Many older buildings require electrical upgrades to prevent tripped breakers, power outages, and other issues. But unless you’re a licensed electrician, you might be unaware of the signs your property needs rewiring. The following guide covers some of the most common indicators of an outdated electrical system. 

4 Signs Your Home Needs New Wiring

1. Frequently Blown Fuses 

Blown fuses can be annoying. It’s also a sign your electrical system needs attention. If you're frequently blowing fuses, it's probably time to have a licensed electrician evaluate your electrical system. As an added benefit, you'll probably see lower electrical bills once you bring your wiring up to date. 

2. Exposed Wiring 

Older electrical systems often have exposed wiring after years of wear and tear. Improperly installed or ungrounded electrical wires can place you at risk of electrocution and electrical fires. You should never try to fix such issues on your own; call a licensed electrician. 

3. Burning Outlets 

licensed-electrician It’s not unusual for outlets to feel slightly warm to the touch, but if you have hot, burnt, or melted fixtures, there’s a serious issue. Burnt electrical outlets mean there’s a wiring issue causing sparks, or a highly-charged current is melting them. This is an emergency requiring immediate attention by a licensed electrician.

4. Frequently Blown-Out Bulbs 

 If you have a light fixture that seems to be rapidly going through light bulbs, it likely needs to be rewired. Frequently burnt-out bulbs indicate you have too much electricity flowing into the lamp. 


If you’ve experienced any of these problems, it’s time to update your wiring. The licensed electricians from Viscuso Electric & Son in Hamden, CT, offer affordable residential and commercial electrical repairs and rewiring services. With more than 35 years of experience, they’ve become one of New Haven County’s leading contractors, specializing in everything from furnace wiring to specialized installation services. Call them today at (203) 230-8388, or visit them online for a closer look at their services. 

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