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5 Answers to Patient Questions About Eyelid Surgery June 5, 2018

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5 Answers to Patient Questions About Eyelid Surgery, Orange, Connecticut

Known to plastic surgeons as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for women. Since the eye area is susceptible to signs of damage and aging, minimally invasive treatments can help improve the appearance of the upper and lower lids. If you are interested in this aesthetic improvement for your face, learn more about the surgical process and if it is right for you. 

Important Information About Eyelid Surgery

1. Why Get Eyelid Surgery? 

Orange Eyelid SurgeryMany people suffer skin damage around the eyes due to aging, excess weight, and stretching. They may also droop or sag from smoking or the effects of the sun. If you appear older and more tired than you are, eyelid surgery can correct these aesthetic challenges. 

2. Who Is a Candidate? 

Patients are candidates if they are in good overall health. They should stop smoking before seeking treatment and be free of eye conditions. They should also be interested in correcting loose skin or puffiness around the eyes. 

3. What Is the Procedure Like? 

Small incisions are made to remove excess tissue, tighten the skin, or reposition deposits of fat. The length of the procedure depends on the look you desire. Some patients will treat their lower or upper eyelids, while others choose both. Expect surgery to last between 45 minutes and two hours. Most treatments are performed with sedation under local anesthesia.

If you are anxious about the procedure, your doctor can talk with you about the benefits and risks of general anesthetic. After tightening and lifting are complete, your surgeon will close the incisions with stitches. They will also wrap gauze around the area to promote healing. When the surgery is over, you can return home to rest. 

4. What Should I Know About Recovery? 

During recovery, you may experience dry eyes, swelling, and minor bruising. These effects are normal and temporary. Care instructions may include a gentle, regular application of medicated ointment to aid in the healing process and cold compresses to reduce inflammation. 

Talk to your surgeon about when you can return to your normal activities. Most patients get back to work quickly and will fully recover after about two weeks. While complications are rare, call the doctor’s office if you continue to experience symptoms afterward. 

5. What Results Should I Expect? 

Schedule a consultation with your surgeon to discuss the results you desire. Once you agree on a treatment plan, your doctor will explain how long it takes to see improvement. Most patients are satisfied with their look and do not return for repeat treatments. 


Dr. Mao and his team at Mao Facial Plastic Surgery, in Orange, CT, provide patients with a variety of skilled facial plastic surgery options, including rhinoplasty and brow lifts. To make a consultation appointment to discuss eyelid surgery or another treatment with Dr. Mao, call (203) 907-0501. For additional information, visit their website

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