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How to Get a Full-Body Home Elliptical Workout May 31, 2018

Crescent Springs, Covington
How to Get a Full-Body Home Elliptical Workout, Covington, Kentucky

Everyone knows it’s important to stay active, but do you know how to get the most out of your workout? You need a method of exercise that’s both efficient and convenient. Home elliptical machines are ideal for those with busy schedules, and they can also give you a total-body workout. Below, learn how to maximize your exercise with an elliptical.

Guide to Getting a Full-Body Home Elliptical Workout

Put the Major Muscles to Work

Balancing your strength is a key part of staying in good shape. You’ll need to work your core, upper body, and lower body to achieve the best results. Anyone from beginners to seasoned bodybuilders can benefit from an elliptical exercise. It will get your blood pumping and lungs working, strengthening your cardiovascular system. By adjusting the resistance on the machine, you can also build your legs, torso, and core. 

Vary Your Routines

home ellipticalNot only is sticking to the same program every day boring, but it also won’t help your body. To productively train and stay in shape, you need to diversify your regimen. A home elliptical is the perfect tool for the task. You’ll never have to limit yourself to a single routine. Trying to strengthen one specific area one day, then a separate one the next? Many elliptical exercises are perfect for targeting individual muscle groups. To ensure your body doesn’t get used to your workouts and render them ineffective, continue switching up your programs.

Try These Varied Workouts

When you invest in a home gym, you can get a full workout from the comfort of your living space. Ellipticals are highly versatile. Pushing the handles allows you to focus on your chest, while pulling works your back muscles. Looking for more of a treadmill workout? Let go of the handles to push for cardio and strengthen your core. As a bonus, the smooth motion and low impact of ellipticals are much easier on joints than running. Increase the incline of your machine to target your hamstrings and gluteal muscles, or alternate pedaling forward and backward to work your quads. Varying between your timing, intensity, and motions will keep your home elliptical workouts exciting and effective.


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