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What Should You Do After Getting Hurt at Work? May 31, 2018

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What Should You Do After Getting Hurt at Work?, Dothan, Alabama

In the state of Alabama, businesses that employ five or more individuals must have workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance is designed to protect employees who get hurt on the job by covering both medical care and a portion of their lost wages while they recover. To qualify for benefits, there are certain steps you must take immediately after sustaining injuries in a workplace accident. Here’s a closer look at the necessary steps involved in the process.

Notify Your Employer

If you get hurt while performing job duties, report the injury immediately to your supervisor or employer. Even if your boss was present when the accident occurred and witnessed everything, it is essential to start a paper trail by notifying them of the workers’ compensation claim in writing. This report must include details regarding the accident itself and any injuries you sustained. Those who fail to notify a supervisor within 90 days of the incident may lose the right to collect any benefits from their employer’s insurance provider. 

Seek Medical Care 

workers' compensationYour health should be the main priority following a work injury. Upon reporting the injury, your boss will direct you to an approved provider. In most cases, the employer has the right to choose this doctor. Those who seek treatment from their own primary care physicians may be ineligible to receive compensation for medical bills. Fortunately, if you are unhappy with the care the assigned doctor is providing, you may request a list of four other doctors to choose from; however, you can only change physicians once. 


If you were hurt on the job and want to file a workers’ compensation claim in Alabama, turn to Carey & Hamner, P.C. Based in Dothan, this personal injury law firm is committed to helping clients make their lives whole again after suffering trauma. To schedule a free consultation with a compassionate workers’ compensation attorney at their practice, visit their website or call (855) 435-4797. 

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