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The Dos & Don’ts of Traveling With Kids on a Charter Bus June 8, 2018

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The Dos & Don’ts of Traveling With Kids on a Charter Bus, Taunton, Massachusetts

Bus transportation services provide families an easy and stress-free way to reach their destination. However, children can be difficult to control when they’re contained in small spaces and new environments. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to enjoy your charter bus trip, though. Take your cue from a few of these dos and don’ts that make commuting with the kids a little bit simpler.

How to Successfully Travel With Kids


Pack some snacks.

charter busBeing hungry can lead to inevitable stir craziness, and being in cramped quarters can compound that sensation. Fill a bag with some healthy, travel-friendly snacks and bottled water. Avoid packing anything too sugary and caffeinated, as these can contribute to hyper behavior.

Bring the entertainment.

Entertainment keeps your child focused and distracted from boredom and restlessness. Try coloring books for younger kids, and consider introducing older children to a book series that will keep them preoccupied for the duration of the trip. You can also load a tablet with favorite movies or TV shows.


Forget the headphones.

Be respectful of others on the bus who are resting or simply wish for a quiet charter bus ride. Pack headphones for the kids so that they can listen to music or watch their favorite cartoons without disturbing others.

Avoid creature comforts.

A little touch of home can mean the difference between a calm trip and a chaotic one. Consider the familiar items that your kids particularly love, whether it’s a stuffed animal, cozy blanket, favorite doll, or knickknack they love. Those little trinkets can make all the difference and help comfort kids who feel uncomfortable.


Traveling with children can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience when you’re in the safe company of Bloom Tour and Charter Services in Taunton, MA. The charter bus company provides reliable transportation services throughout the Eastern United States and Canada. Whether you’re planning a trip to majestic Niagara Falls or want to share the fascinating history of Salem, MA, with the kids, you can count on this commuter service to get you there safely. Visit their website or call them at (800) 323-3009 for more information.

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