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3 Common Challenges You’ll Face When Building Model Trains May 31, 2018

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3 Common Challenges You’ll Face When Building Model Trains , Jacksonville, Arkansas

Building model trains is a wonderful hobby, but when you’re first starting out, learning how to assemble everything properly can be a challenge. Like their full-sized counterparts, models are complex and require patience and understanding to get them to work. The team at Rail & Sprue Hobbies in Jacksonville, AR, wants to help you be successful with each build. Below, they share a few of the most common obstacles new model builders encounter and how you can address them.

Solutions for Common Model Train Obstacles  

1. Train Not Staying on the Track

Train sets should run along the track indefinitely when properly assembled. However, when you’re first starting out, there’s a good chance that the setup will take a few attempts. Test your train and make a note of where it derails. If it keeps happening at the same points on the track, it’s likely an issue with the track’s foundation. If the derailing occurs sporadically and with multiple cars, you’ll need to adjust the cars themselves. Remember, it could be something as minor as a loose screw.

2. Inconsistent Speeds

Model TrainsWhen everything is assembled correctly, the train set should travel along the track at a consistent speed. However, small errors can lead to the cars slowing down or speeding up at certain points. If you notice that the set shows inconsistent speeds, you may need to clean the track. Even a small amount of dust or dirt can keep the motor from moving at the programmed speed. 

3. The Train Won’t Move at All

Sometimes, the train won’t move at all. While this may be a cause for concern among novice train set enthusiasts, those experienced with model trains know it’s all too common. Unfortunately, finding the root cause of the issue is a challenge. You’ll need to inspect everything from the track to the power supply. Often, replacing the power supply will fix the problem, but you may need to replace parts of the track or the train itself.

Whether you’re new to model trains or wanting to expand your collection, stop by Rail & Sprue Hobbies today. Their experienced staff will help you find the perfect model kit for your experience level and available space. With a full collection of sets ranging from N scale to O scale models, they have everything you need to build an eye-catching display. Learn more about their selection online and call (501) 982-6836 for more information.