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How to Recognize When You Need Roof Repair May 29, 2018

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How to Recognize When You Need Roof Repair, Rochester, New York

It can be difficult to determine if your roof needs repairs after a storm. Some damages are not as easily detectable as others and could cause additional issues the longer they’re left alone. As the leading roofing contractor in Rochester, NY, Atlas Roofing is experienced in dealing with a variety of roof repairs and explains the top factors that indicate when to schedule an appointment.

How to Know When Roof Repair Is Required After a Storm

After the storm, look around the house for loose bits of material that may be blown off the roof. If you happen to find any number of shingles or pieces of metal flashing in the yard, you can safely assume that there are sections of the roof currently exposed to the elements.

roof repairAs you’re looking around outside, take a moment to check for scattered tree branches that may have landed on top of your house. Sizeable limbs can easily cause the roofing materials to crack and lose their protective quality. This could result in structural leaks that can cause extensive damage within the ceilings and walls.

Once you have completed the exterior inspection, it’s time to make a trip to the attic. Sometimes leaks are easier to spot from the inside and reveal themselves in the form of dampness, so look for any discoloration or dripping.

When to Call for Professional Roof Repair

You shouldn’t wait too long to call for professional roof repair. These issues have a tendency to expand rapidly and could result in a much higher repair bill than expected. If your home has sustained any damage, get in touch with your local roof repair company as soon as possible. 

Roof repair is essential for maintaining the condition of your home. If you’re in the market for quality roofing service, depend on the experts at Atlas Roofing. These professionals have nearly 40 years of experience in roof installation and repair and are recognized as the region’s leading roofing contractors. They have worked with a variety of insurance claims and will be happy to offer the assistance you require. Call (585) 469-4214 today to speak with one of their friendly customer service representatives.

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