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6 Fun & Creative Ways to Make Use of Leftover Pasta Sauce July 14, 2018

Westchester Village, Bronx
6 Fun & Creative Ways to Make Use of Leftover Pasta Sauce, Bronx, New York

If you’ve made a heaping pot of pasta sauce with plenty of leftovers to spare, it’s easy to create several delicious dishes for the rest of the week. From pizza to soup and salsa, many tasty meals can incorporate the savory sauce, so it doesn’t go to waste. Here are six fun options to try the next time you make a batch.

6 Recipe Ideas for Leftover Pasta Sauce

1. Dips

Instead of onion, try tomato dip by adding sour cream, Parmesan cheese, pepper, and oregano to the sauce. Swap the sour cream for chopped olives and roasted peppers for a tapenade on crackers. Finally, create salsa with leftover sauce, lime juice, cilantro, and red onion. If you like a little kick, add hot sauce to the mix.

2. Bloody Mary

Marinara sauce combined with water, vodka, lime juice, and horseradish turns your leftovers into a tasty Bloody Mary. Top it with a celery stalk and add a spicy kick with some hot sauce. You can also eliminate the vodka for a refreshing non-alcoholic version for brunch.

3. Soups

pizzaTomato-based soups are a simple way to repurpose pasta sauce. Add half a cup of heavy cream, two cups of water, and a little seasoning. You can do away with the cream and create an herbaceous dish with fennel, vegetable juice, and a little water to thin out the sauce. Other hearty choices that use tomato as the foundation include minestrone and Manhattan clam chowder.  

4. Wings

Coat the wings in equal parts pasta sauce and hot sauce and bake at 425°F for 40 minutes. Pair the meat with a little ranch dressing or blue cheese and decorate the platter with celery stalks. Add heat if you like them spicier or more sauce for a mild flavor.

5. Pizza

While pizza is always a fun way to use leftover marinara, you can be even more creative with the inspiration. Stuff a baked potato with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni for a pizza potato or make pizza sticks instead of a pie using breadstick dough. Make mini pies with small bagels or English muffins—which are also the perfect size for children.

6. Mexican Inspiration

Combine culinary cultures and turn regular quesadillas into a pizza-inspired delight. Top a soft tortilla with sauce, mozzarella, and any other items and then pan fry. You can do the same with enchiladas, stuffing the cheesy center with marinara and green chiles.


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