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3 Reasons to Try a Grilled Chicken & Broccoli Pizza July 20, 2018

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Reasons to Try a Grilled Chicken & Broccoli Pizza, Bronx, New York

Whether you want to try a new restaurant or are simply in the mood for pizza, Emilio’s of Morris Park in the Bronx, NY, serves up a handful of traditional classics and modern dishes to appeal to all diners. For those interested in trying a new spin on the pie, the restaurant offers a grilled chicken and broccoli option that boasts more than just good taste. If you’re just about ready to order, here are the rewards of being adventurous.

Why Order a Chicken & Broccoli Pizza?

1. Broccoli Packs a Punch

Broccoli offers several health benefits: It is a powerful antioxidant, loaded with vitamin C that boosts your immune system. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, the vegetable can also reduce inflammation and the body’s response to allergic reactions. 

2. Grilled Chicken Offers Protein

restaurantProtein is an essential part of any nutritious diet. It helps the body burn calories, keeps you feeling full, maintains muscles, and repairs and builds tissue. Moreover, grilled chicken is lean, so health-conscious restaurant goers can indulge in the delicious meal knowing it’s also low-fat.

3. Cheese Is Loaded With Calcium

In addition to protein from the chicken and important vitamins from the broccoli, the pizza is also loaded with cheese—which means plenty of calcium. The mineral is crucial to the body, as it builds and maintains bone health, helps blood clot, allows muscles to contract, and keeps teeth strong.

The next time you’re ready to try a new restaurant or dish, visit Emilio’s of Morris Park to order a slice of their grilled chicken and broccoli pizza. Not only will your body thank you for this healthy option, but all their menu items are prepared with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Download the app for easy ordering and enjoy a savory pie today. To browse their selection, including fresh salads, calzones, and pizzas, visit the website. To speak with a friendly staff member, call 718-822-6758.

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