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Veterinarians Explain How to Celebrate World Pet Memorial Day May 30, 2018

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Veterinarians Explain How to Celebrate World Pet Memorial Day, High Point, North Carolina

Saying goodbye to a beloved animal is always challenging, whether the pet was in your life for two or 20 years. If you are dealing with a recent pet loss or otherwise want to celebrate the life of a four-legged family member, the compassionate veterinarians at High Point Veterinary Hospital, in North Carolina, are here to help. This celebration will come in time for World Pet Memorial Day on June 10.

Tips for Celebrating World Pet Memorial Day From High Point Veterinarians

Purchase a Paws of Remembrance Box

veterinariansThe renowned animal hospital now carries paws of remembrance — boxes containing space for your pet’s photo, a custom clay paw print, and a card featuring the touching Rainbow Bridge poem. If it is time to say goodbye to your pet, consider requesting this service from your local veterinarians to provide yourself and your family with a customized keepsake you will cherish.

Spread Ashes

Perhaps you had your much-loved pet cremated and have their ashes. Consider spreading some of the ashes in a place your pet loved, such as a nearby park — as long as local laws allow it. If your pet was an indoor animal, you can sprinkle ashes around your property as you think about the happy memories you and your cat or dog shared.

Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter

Volunteer at a local animal shelter on World Pet Memorial Day or any other day in memory of your furry family member. Help homeless cats and dogs by taking them for walks, cleaning out their cages, providing toys, and cuddling with them. You can also participate in adoption events to help these animals find forever homes. If you feel ready to adopt a new pet, remind yourself that a new cat or dog is not a replacement for the one who passed — he or she is a new addition to the family.

Talk to your local veterinarians about their paws of remembrance services and celebrate World Pet Memorial Day however you see fit. And, rely on High Point Veterinary Hospital for checkups and other pet care services whenever you decide to adopt a new friend. Call (336) 889-3832 to schedule an appointment or visit the website for more information. Like the vet hospital on Facebook for professional pet care tips.  

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