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Qualifying for Chapter 7 Bankruiptcy May 23, 2018

Groton, New London
Qualifying for Chapter 7 Bankruiptcy, Groton, Connecticut

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is sometimes called a “fresh start.”  That is because you discharge your debt and start fresh toward building a new life.  But how does one qualify?  It often depends on the State where you live.  In Connecticut, a filer has to first be below the standardized threshold, which in turn depends upon how many people live in your household.  Presently, for a one person household, the filer must make under $64152.00 per year, under $84,005 for two, $98,660 for three, $119,884 for four, etc.  If you are over these amounts you have go through a second stage analysis which might also allow you to file.  If you do pass these thresholds, on either first or second stage, then you look at your actual budget, and if there is little or none left to pay creditors, the you are on your way to a fresh start.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Attorney Mark O. Grater at 860-449-8059 in Groton, Ct.  06340, practicing in New London County since 1986. 

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