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Discover The Importance of Credentials When Appraising Antique Jewelry, Paintings, & Prints May 20, 2015

West Haven, New Haven County
Discover The Importance of Credentials When Appraising Antique Jewelry, Paintings, & Prints, West Haven, Connecticut

Whether you're a seller or collector of antique jewelry, coins, painting and prints, or other items, it’s essential to work with a dealer whose credentials are strong. This prevents a number of problems, including too-low appraisals and the purchase of fakes and damaged goods. Guy Ferraro of Atlantis Antiques in West Haven, CT is the honest, dependable dealer you want when you're in need an appraisal.

Let’s take a deeper look at Ferraro’s credentials, and why he’s one of the best in the antiques business:

A Long and Glorious History

Ferraro has 37 years of experience to his credit, having opened his first store in New Haven's Westville antique district in the late 1970s. There he dealt in gold and silver jewelry among other antiques, and eventually coins and paper money. He also sold custom imported items. 

In 1986, the reputable antique dealer moved his business to its current West Haven location, and named it Atlantis Antiques International. His new location featured a full workshop, with Ferraro carrying a complete line of English and American antiques and replicas. He provided his expert instruction to factory workers all over the globe concerning the design and construction of every replica he sells, and still does.

Ferraro’s appraisal work includes private adjusters, insurance companies, the Federal government, and assorted businesses around the world.

A Premier Collector and Buyer

A longtime collector and buyer of antique European and American paper coins and money, Ferraro’s extensive inventory also includes flatware, rugs, custom jewelry, custom cast iron and teak garden furniture and accessories, and more. Born in Italy, Ferraro has special love for the appraisal, purchasing, and selling of Italian antiques.

If you're interested in having precious metals and gems appraised, keep in mind that Ferraro and the staff at Atlantis Antiques are the only licensed dealers for such items in the area. Ferraro is also available to discuss any antique item you own, whether you want to sell it or not. For more on coins, custom jewelry, and other antiques, just call (203) 937-1233 or visit the website today.