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Marathon Runners: How Runners Can Avoid Injury Potholes on the Road Ahead-PART 2 April 3, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
Marathon Runners: How Runners Can Avoid Injury Potholes on the Road Ahead-PART 2, Manhattan, New York

imageIn PART 1 of this series I spoke of the need for EVERY athlete to get a fitness screen by a fitness professional BEFORE they become immersed in an endurance training program. This helps to identify your INJURY RISK POTENTIAL and reduce the risk of training related injuries. 

The second success strategy to "staying on the roads and out of rehab" is to PAY ATTENTION TO POSTURE.  While most of you may not be able to give me a formal definition of posture you all know when you see someone exhibit good posture vs. poor posture. POSTURE IS: the alignment of your body sitting, standing or lying down. Your posture follows you everywhere. If your posture is poor while not moving (static posture), it will always get worse when you do move (dynamic posture), especially when you're moving for long periods of time. Considering the average finishing time for a marathon is about 4:30, if you start the race with poor posture it will surely deteriorate over time. 

So what's the big deal about posture anyway?? Well, when posture is poor your joints are poorly aligned and that leads to: irritation, inflammation, pain and possibility permanent orthopedic injury. Poor posture compromises breathing mechanics = less oxygen = compromises performance. 


Poor posture means always means there are muscles imbalances. These muscles imbalances indicate a need for a STRETCHING program to loosen the tight muscles and a STRENGTHENING program to tighten the loose muscles.


Improving your posture will improve the efficiency of your movements, allowing you to train more effectively and will go a long way to helping you reduce your risk of injury and "keep you on the roads and out of rehab."

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Brett Cohen is a Sports Performance, Fitness and Running Coach. He helps everyday athletes reach their fitness dreams without getting injured. He has run 8 marathons and over 300 road races without injury and is the creator of Ready to RUN, a comprehensive conditioning program designed to keep "runners on the roads and out of rehab."


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