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Implant vs Bridge May 22, 2018

Black Diamond, King
Implant vs Bridge, Black Diamond, Washington

Have you lost a tooth or are you in the process of needing a tooth removed? Hopefully it has been explained to you that there are options for replacing a lost tooth. Lets discuss the two best options for replacing a single tooth.

The benefits of an implant are: they are not subject to decay, they can be flossed and brushed as you normally would, and can be serviced more easily.

Bridges have been used to replace teeth for a significantly longer time in dentistry. The benefits of using a bridge to replace your tooth are as follows: they are less expensive, they usually are much more quickly finished, and they are similar in function to a natural tooth.

Disadvantages of  implants: Often times implants are placed by a specialist which can be less convenient, they can collect food around the implant restoration more than a natural tooth, and they take more time to integrate or heal so that the crown of the tooth can be placed and used to chew.

Disadvantages of Bridges:  They can be destructive to neighboring teeth if they do not have a crown already or do not need a crown, they can be more difficult to clean around especially flossing , and finally if something happens to one of the teeth involved in the bridge typically the whole bridge must be replaced.

Implants are a relatively new option for replacing teeth in dentistry. They have been perfected to be the best option for replacing your lost tooth. Why are they the best? Implants are the closest you can get to having your single lost tooth back, are resistant to decay, and are less destructive to neighboring teeth. First do no harm!


If you are in the Maple Valley, Covington, or Enumclaw Plateau and are ready to experience the benefits of tooth implants, Black Diamond Dentistry can help. Using the Zimmer Biomet 3I system, we will fashion custom restorations that will address your specific concerns in the most comfortable way possible. Visit them online to learn more about their smile enhancement services, such as teeth whitening and dental implants. To schedule a consultation, call (360) 886-1300.

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