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Expert Podiatrist Shares 3 Signs You're Developing a Corn May 30, 2018

Garment District, Manhattan
Expert Podiatrist Shares 3 Signs You're Developing a Corn, Manhattan, New York

If you’ve developed uncomfortable or painful raised bumps on your feet, you may have corns. As a common foot ailment, they are typically caused by ill-fitting shoes, an absence of socks with footwear, or repeated pressure on the feet. To help you determine whether you have these bothersome bumps, the professional podiatrists at New York Foot Experts have shared three signs you’re developing a corn.

3 Signs You May Have Corns on Your Feet

1. Thick, Rough Skin on Your Feet

Thick, rough skin on your feet may be a sign of developing corns. Often confused with calluses, corns are smaller and have a hard, gray center surrounded by an inflamed, sometimes yellow, outer ring. They typically develop on areas of your feet that don’t bear weight, but can sometimes be found in weight-bearing regions as well.

2. A Raised Bump

Corns will most often arise as hardened, raised bumps on the skin. Known as “hard corns,” this variety will appear as a compact lump with a thick core. These will usually form on the top of the toes, the outside of the little toe, and the sole.

3. Tenderness or Pain at the Site

podiatristThe most significant distinction from a callus is that corns can be painful when pressed. Individuals with diabetes or poor blood flow to their feet are more susceptible to complications from corns and should have them treated by a professional podiatrist. Improper treatment can lead to infection, so make sure not to cut off the thickened layers of skin if you have one.

If you’re concerned that you’ve developed a corn, visit New York Foot Experts at one of their locations in Midtown Manhattan, Harlem, the Upper East Side, or the Financial District. This renowned foot doctor has been successfully treating a range of foot conditions from toenail fungus, to bunions, to hammertoe for patients across their four Manhattan locations. To speak with an experienced podiatrist today, call (917) 284-5096 or visit their website for more information.

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