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Metal Fabrication Company Explains What Field Rollers Are May 31, 2018

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Metal Fabrication Company Explains What Field Rollers Are, Wood, Missouri

If you have a plot of land where plants or crops are meant to grow, one of the first tasks you should do is prepare the soil. To do this, you need agricultural equipment like a field roller. Douglass Steel, a leading metal fabrication service provider in Mountain Grove, MO, discusses what field rollers are and why they are used in the sections below. 

What Are Field Rollers?

metal fabricationMaking use of one of the most rudimentary technologies ever created by man, field rollers are like miniature bulldozers that can be pulled by farm animals such as horses and oxen, or a tractor. The roller itself can be customized by a metal fabrication company according to your needs. It can be made of thick metal or filled with concrete for additional weight. This cylinder spins on an axle and rolls over the land as the whole apparatus is pulled. A smaller variant, the lawn roller, can be pushed by hand easily and is used for residential landscaping purposes.

Why Are They Used?

The primary function of a field roller is to flatten the land, which makes harvesting and weed control easier and much more efficient. The heavy weight of a roller also serves to push down rocks and break up solid clumps of soil right after plowing, making the ground ready for sowing. However, while field rollers are more commonly seen in farms, they can also be used to compact land in cricket pitches or commercial spaces. Practically any property that needs a level terrain will benefit from field roller use.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your field roller, it has to be kept in good condition. Douglass Steel prides itself on providing excellent metal fabrication services to produce high-quality field rollers. This family-owned and -operated company has been specializing in steel and metal for over 50 years. Get in touch with them by calling (417) 926-5589 or visit their website to learn more.

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