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What to Know About Choosing a Gravestone June 1, 2018

Le Roy, Genesee
What to Know About Choosing a Gravestone, Le Roy, New York

After a loved one passes, choosing a gravestone can provide closure for family members and give them a chance to sit down together, discuss memories of the departed, and select meaningful symbols to honor them. However, this process can also be confusing. Here, the monument team at Derrick Monument Company Inc in Le Roy, NY, answers some common questions they receive from families about gravestones. 

Gravestone Design FAQ

Can We Add to the Stone Later?

If you’re not sure about the inscription you’ve selected, you can change it at a later occasion, whether it’s to add a new design or another name. In fact, this practice is fairly common—it often takes families some time after a death to select exactly what they want.

What Material Is Best?

This depends on personal preference and the features of different materials. Many families select a stone with beautiful natural colors and an attractive appearance, like marble. Others prefer to use granite or bronze since they won’t be defaced over time by weather and age.

What Designs Are Possible?

gravestoneYou can create almost anything. The carving can be done by hand or machine. It can feature either pre-designed graphics that the supplier prepared or personalized images. Options include names, dates, pictures of the deceased person, meaningful quotes, or other graphic elements. Keep in mind that more personal and labor-intensive choices will be more expensive.

Are There Any Headstone Restrictions?

Restrictions on the style and size of a stone typically come from the graveyard. You’ll want to consult their guidelines before making any decisions. Besides that, everything is up to you and your family.

For headstone designs and other information about gravestones, consult the experts at Derrick Monument Company Inc. Since 1915, they’ve helped families in Genesee County obtain a sense of closure by providing beautiful and enduring cemetery monuments. This family-owned and -operated company strives to provide the best quality results possible. Learn more about their services by visiting them online or calling (585) 768-8470.

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