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Window Damage? Here Are 3 Possible Culprits May 29, 2018

Columbus, Franklin
Window Damage? Here Are 3 Possible Culprits, Columbus, Ohio

Occasionally, an object, such as a stray golf ball, hammer, or a rock will puncture or shatter a window. Yet, it's the damage that seems to emerge from nowhere that causes the most confusion and concern. If you're due for a window replacement and you don't know why, there are three possible culprits. 

3 Reasons You May Need a Window Replacement

1. Impact

Everything from children's toys to hail and rocks may puncture, crack, or shatter windows. Depending on the thickness of the panes, they may not require significant force to break. Typically, this issue will be immediately apparent due to a loud noise. 

roof repair2. Stress

If you observe a crack crawling from the edge of the pane across an insulated window, stress due to extreme temperature fluctuations may be to blame. This can occur whether the temperature climbs unexpectedly indoors or outdoors. Examples of this are heat waves and cranking up the AC due to sweltering outdoor temperatures. 

3. Pressure Changes

Sometimes, a pressure crack may appear on an insulated or double-pane window due to a sudden shift in the surrounding pressure. Occasionally, a window will be more susceptible to this issue because it was installed very high in the air or extremely low to the ground. These cracks tend to resemble an hourglass shape and may spread across the entire surface, leading to a need for window replacement. 


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