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How to Keep Kids Motivated in Competitive Swimming May 30, 2018

Allston, Boston
How to Keep Kids Motivated in Competitive Swimming, Boston, Massachusetts

Sports are a great way to get children involved in their community, whether they participate in competitive swimming with a school team or a private club. However, keeping them motivated in the sport they love can be a challenge. With so much emphasis on competition and success, it’s easy to lose sight of what made them enjoy swimming in the first place. As a parent, your child’s happiness is always a priority, and watching them lose their passion for a beloved sport is difficult. Here’s how you can help encourage your child’s swimming career so they can continue to enjoy their time in the water for years to come.

Be Supportive & Understanding of Competitive Swimming

To be successful, every athlete, regardless of age or skill level, needs support from those they love most. Though self-motivation is a big factor in determining how willing and excited they are to practice day after day, they still need encouragement from others. Ask your child about their practices. What did they do well? What areas are they struggling with? What did they enjoy most about their latest practice and what are they nervous about for the next swim meet? As you stay involved in their sport, you are more likely to catch signs of decreasing enthusiasm. This way, you can find a way to build the excitement and passion back up.

Make Sure They’re in the Right Program

Competitive SwimmingThough parental involvement and support is a big part of a young athlete’s success, your child still needs to be able to motivate themselves. Without the will to constantly improve in their competitive swimming endeavors, they can quickly burn out and no longer want to be involved. The easiest way to encourage self-motivation for your young athlete is to ensure that they’re enrolled in the right program with supportive coaches that not only promote swimming technique development but also fun. Great coaches encourage teamwork and competitive drive without losing sight of what gets kids in the water time and time again—the thrill of playing in the water.


At Technique Swim Academy in Boston, MA, their experienced coaches want to help your athlete grow their skills while maintaining their passion for competitive swimming. Their camp sessions and ongoing clinics teach swimmers to become efficient and strong in the water while fostering teamwork and communication with their peers. These classes are taught by coaches who have first-hand experience of what it takes to become a successful athlete. Learn more about their upcoming camps online and call (617) 484-0550 to enroll your child today.

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