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Indoor Air Quality Professional Explains How to Reduce Humidity in Your Home May 29, 2018

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Indoor Air Quality Professional Explains How to Reduce Humidity in Your Home, Ashtabula, Ohio

While many people associate summer with higher temperatures, humidity is just as big of a problem that affects indoor air quality and your home’s level of comfort. Ziegler Heating Company in Ashtabula, OH, has been the area’s leading HVAC services provider for more than 80 years. According to their team of HVAC contractors, there are some simple ways to reduce humidity in your home to keep you comfortable all season long.

Indoor Air Quality Professional Explains How to Reduce Humidity in Your Home

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Working Correctly

Air conditioners help cut through the humidity in your home. However, if your existing unit is old or is underperforming, your AC won’t be able to effectively mitigate the higher concentrations of airborne moisture. Make sure you are staying on top of seasonal HVAC maintenance to keep your unit performing as intended.  If it’s necessary, replace your older unit, as excessive humidity can cause it to overheat and malfunction.

Use a Dehumidifier

indoor air qualityDehumidifiers are made for balancing out the air in your home. If you detect excess humidity, a dehumidifier can quickly regulate the problem before it impacts your home. Look for signs such as mold spots, condensation on walls and ceilings, and musty odors, as these are common signs of humidity problems that can get worse over time.

Replace Your Filters

Your furnace and air conditioning filters are like the lungs of your heating and cooling units. If these filters are obstructed or dirty, air flow will be stifled as it moves through your HVAC system and they will negate its ability to suppress humidity. Make sure you are inspecting and replacing these units at least every couple of months to keep your system performing well.

While you might not be able to control the air outside, being prepared can help ensure you have the right indoor air quality this summer. Fight back against humidity all season long by relying on the HVAC specialists at Ziegler Heating Company in Ashtabula. Call them at (440) 969-1141 or visit them online to learn more about their seasonal maintenance, repair, and installation services.

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