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Pregnancy Essentials to Have Before Your Baby Arrives January 3, 2020

Suffern, Rockland County
Pregnancy Essentials to Have Before Your Baby Arrives, Suffern, New York

If you’ve ever peeked at a baby registry, you probably know there are hundreds of products available to help moms care for their newborns. Yet, minimalist moms-to-be may wonder which items are truly essential. For women enjoying the wonders of pregnancy, the compassionate and professional team from Home Birth with Love in Suffern, NY, provides exceptional prenatal care and home birth services. Here, they share the most important must-haves before you give birth.   

4 Newborn Items to Purchase During Pregnancy

1. Sleep & Body Suits

Most parents find simple is best when it comes to dressing their newborns. Onesies are staples that you should have on hand in multiple sizes including newborn, zero to three months, and three to six months. Many first-time moms are surprised to find how quickly babies grow out of their newborn clothing!

2. A Breastfeeding Pillow

If you’re planning to breastfeed, purchase a support pillow to ensure the comfort of you and your baby during feedings. For mothers considering bottle feeding, an ample supply of bottles and a sterilizer are also must-haves. 

3. Bassinet or Crib

Some parents choose to keep their babies in a bassinet before moving them into a crib. This allows new parents to sleep in the same room as their newborns, which is often more convenient for breastfeeding moms. Once your baby is too big for a cradle, you can move them into a crib. 

4. Baby Bath

pregnancyA baby bath or support will help you smoothly navigate bath time. Additionally, while you can always test the water with your hand to gauge whether it’s a safe temperature for your baby, some moms find a bath thermometer provides additional peace of mind.

Pick up these items to ensure you’re in a good head space before going into labor; you’ll feel calmer knowing you’ve purchased all the necessities. If you’re exploring your options for delivery and would like to learn more about home births, allow the experts at Home Birth with Love to help. Their experts deliver safe and holistic services to women throughout all stages of pregnancy. To learn more, call (845) 641-5058 or visit their website for additional information.