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3 Ways Buying a Used Car Saves You Money May 30, 2018

Henderson, Chester
3 Ways Buying a Used Car Saves You Money, Henderson, Tennessee

Purchasing a vehicle is a costly endeavor, regardless of whether your sights are set on a classic coupe or a family sedan. Thankfully, however, there are many quality pre-owned automobiles on the market, letting drivers find their ideal vehicle at a fraction of the sticker price. Buying a used car saves you money for several reasons, and understanding why will help you choose the best one, so don’t discount the following facts. 

How Does Buying a Used Car Save Money?

1. Less Depreciation 

You’ve likely heard that your car loses value the minute you drive it off the lot. Unfortunately, new cars drastically depreciate in a relatively short amount of time. When buying a used car, you’ll avoid losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars when driving it off the lot. Even pre-owned vehicles a year out of date depreciate much slower than new ones, providing a more stable return on your investment.

2. No Bells & Whistles 

used carWhen buying a new car, dealerships and manufacturers often try to sell you the one with the latest features. These new bells and whistles are also added to the sticker price, spiking up the cost. Buying used makes it easier to find a car with your ideal features, in addition to helping you avoid being talked into add-ons that you might never use. 

3. Lower Taxes & Fees 

Many states tack on a steep sales tax for new vehicle purchases—one that you’re often not required to pay when buying a used car. Your registration with a used vehicle will also usually be more affordable than that of a new car because annual registration rates are based on a model’s value and year. 


In addition to the savings, Automax of Chester County in Henderson, TN, is always happy to talk about the advantages provided by a quality used car. As one of the area’s leading car dealerships, they offer a host of financing options, designed to meet a variety of needs. Call them today at (731) 989-9500 or visit them online to learn more about their extensive inventory.