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Why Data Recovery Is Essential for Apple® Devices June 5, 2018

Falconhurst, Asheville
Why Data Recovery Is Essential for Apple® Devices, Asheville, North Carolina

The modern world relies on data. Your calendar, contacts, photos, videos, notes, and messages play a large role in the activities you do each day. However, technology isn’t infallible; if your smartphone or Apple® device fails, your information could be lost forever. Protect your vital information by speaking with a tech expert about data recovery; here’s how data recovery protects your devices.

Recover Lost Data

Data is a valuable possession for both individuals and businesses. It might have taken years to collect a large amount of information that you rely on for school, work, or personal use. 140,000 hard drives fail in the U.S. each week, but the possibility is often regarded as an afterthought until it happens. Fortunately, if you can’t find your important information, it’s not necessarily lost forever. Computer store professionals can employ data recovery techniques designed to thoroughly search all areas of your drive to help you get back what you lost.

Protect From Unexpected Technical Issues 

Apple DevicesTechnology can fail unexpectedly for a variety of reasons. Software corruptions, hardware malfunctions, and even human errors can contribute to data loss. Data recovery experts can show you how to back up your Apple device automatically to protect your information in the event of an unforeseen technical issue.

Secure Your Vital Information

Accidental shutdowns and technical errors aren’t the only potential causes of data loss. Cybersecurity threats and viruses can steal everything from credit card numbers and pins to the personal information about a company’s customers. Although 60% of businesses are forced to close their doors after a data breach, 58% still aren’t prepared for the possibility. Data recovery experts can work with you to retrieve your important information and fill in gaps in security to prevent cyberthreats that contribute to data loss.


Keep your data protected with help from Experimac Asheville in North Carolina. As the area’s local computer experts, they pride themselves on their array of technology services, in addition to a wide selection of certified pre-owned Apple products. Whether you need computer upgrades or repairs or want to browse affordable laptops for sale, they can help you find what you’re looking for and ensure your Apple devices are running smoothly. Learn more about their available services online, or call (828) 505-6260 to speak with one of their professionals.

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