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4 Features of Quality Roadside Assistance June 1, 2018

Hazelwood, St. Louis County
4 Features of Quality Roadside Assistance, Hazelwood, Missouri

If you’ve ever been stranded on the side of a bustling highway or a remote dirt road, you know how dire the situation can seem. Luckily, certain companies offer reliable roadside assistance, no matter what problems your vehicle may be experiencing. Auto World Tire & Auto is happy to provide this invaluable service to motorists in and around Hazelwood, MO. Here, they elaborate on how roadside assistance can help you out of a tough spot.

A Guide to Roadside Assistance Services

1. Towing

If your engine fails or your tire goes flat, you may be unable to transport your car to a mechanic. In this case, emergency towing is crucial. All you have to do is pull off to a safe place and call for roadside assistance. If you have a flat tire, the tow truck will take your car directly to a tire shop so you can purchase a high-quality replacement.

2. Jump-Start

Perhaps you left a light on in your car overnight, or the alternator diode is faulty. Either way, if your battery dies, you’ll need a jump-start from another vehicle. A roadside assistance crew can quickly report to wherever your car is parked and connect the cables that will bring your car back to life.

3. Lockout

roadside assistanceWhile commonly associated with locksmiths, some roadside assistance crews will even come to your rescue in the event of a lockout. If you already have a company you trust, ask if they can come and help you regain access to your vehicle. In this case, they may use a pump wedge or long-reach device.

4. Fuel Delivery Service

You can also call for roadside assistance if you run out of gas while in transit. If your vehicle sputters to a stop, pull to the side of the road where you’ll be safer. A technician may be able to bring you fuel instead of just towing your car to a gas station.

If you need roadside assistance service for car trouble or a flat tire, call Auto World Tire & Auto at (314) 895-4455 today. Their technicians are ASA- and ASE-certified, and they have over 34 years of experience providing top-notch service to the St. Louis County area. For more information about this independent auto shop, visit the website.

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