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The Importance of Scheduling Regular Water Well Pump Maintenance May 30, 2018

Davenport, Lincoln
The Importance of Scheduling Regular Water Well Pump Maintenance, Davenport, Washington

Just like any appliance in your home, water wells play an important role in your daily comfort and household functionality. You rely on the unit to provide your home with fresh, clean water, and if a problem arises, it can make everything from cooking to doing laundry to gardening more difficult. This is why it’s important to hire a residential electrician for regular water well pump repairs and maintenance. Here’s what you should know about this service.

The Importance of Regular Well Pump Maintenance

Davenport, WA well pumpWhat Is the Purpose of Water Well Pump Maintenance?

Well pump maintenance is essential to your home’s regular and healthy water supply. Unfortunately, mineral deposits and debris can build up within the system and dramatically reduce the quality of your water. You may notice an unusual taste or an unexpected tinge to the water’s color. Maintenance also ensures that the well pump functions properly. A problem with the pump can affect the flow, either by reducing it to a slow trickle or stopping it entirely.

How Often Should It Be Scheduled?

By scheduling maintenance with a technician at least once a year, you can prevent costly water well pump repairs and other sudden issues. If you’ve just moved into a house with a well pump, it’s worth your time to schedule a maintenance appointment right away to make sure that it’s in good condition.

Are There Any DIY Fixes to Try First?

Never attempt to perform basic maintenance or well pump repairs on your own. Professionals have the tools and equipment needed to safely perform the job. However, there are some signs that you need to contact an expert. The water’s quality is the first. If it’s cloudy, or if you live in a region with hard water, there may be damage to the pump. If the pump stops working functioning completely, you can try resetting the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. Otherwise, an electrician can determine if there’s a deeper problem that needs to be resolved.


Trust in the professionals at Halme Electric and Pump to resolve any concerns you may have with your well pump. Based in Davenport, WA, they’ve provided locals with well pump installation, drilling, repair, and electrical services for over three decades. Visit their website for information, or give them a call at (509) 725-3500 to schedule an appointment.

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