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How Pet Owners Can Prepare for Furniture Cleaning June 1, 2018

West Lake Hills, Travis County
How Pet Owners Can Prepare for Furniture Cleaning, West Lake Hills, Texas

You can’t imagine your life without your house pets, but having them around also warrants frequent maintenance for your furnishings. One way to eliminate unpleasant pet odors and stains is to invest in professional furniture cleaning services. Once you’ve scheduled a session, prepare for the cleaners’ visit by keeping the following tips in mind.

How to Prepare for Furniture Cleaning

1. Highlight Spots That Need Special Attention

Over time, your pets can leave a number of stains on your prized furniture pieces. These spots are particularly unsightly if your decor theme is primarily composed of pastel color shades. Take a thorough look at your furnishings before the upholstery cleaner’s arrival and determine which areas need particular attention. Bring their attention to the spots, so they can figure out a safe method to eliminate them completely.

2. Ask for Odor Removal Treatments

Furniture CleaningIf your pets like to spend much of the day tucked in a cozy sofa or recliner, they have likely left behind an unpleasant odor on the fabric and underlayment. Unless you want your home and furnishings to smell like cats and dogs all of the time, consult a professional cleaning service about odor removal. Ask them about the methods they employ to rid upholstery and furniture of pet stench. Make sure the products and techniques they use are perfectly safe for your furry friends.

3. Keep Your Pets in a Safe Place

Pets are naturally curious and will be even more so when they see an upholstery cleaner working on their favorite piece of furniture. Many of them feel territorial about their usual surroundings. In fact, watching a stranger handling something they love can cause them to feel agitated and nervous. For their peace of mind, find a safe place for them to be in while the technicians clean up your furniture items.


The right planning and preparation ensure foolproof results from professional furniture cleaning services. If you need your furnishings properly sanitized, turn to the carpet and rug cleaners at Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning. Serving residents in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas since 1983, they offer cleaning solutions that are perfectly safe for homes with children and pets. For more information about their professional techniques and services, call (512) 328-2504 or visit their website.

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