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Simplify Moving & Storage With 5 Types of Moving Boxes November 1, 2018

Groveton, Lee
Simplify Moving & Storage With 5 Types of Moving Boxes, Lee, Virginia

Moving and storage can be a stressful process without discovering that you’ve obtained the wrong packing supplies. Using boxes that are too weak can result in spilled contents and broken or lost possessions. Use this handy guide to determine the best type of box for your belongings.

5 Types of Boxes for Moving & Storage

1. Mattress Boxes

Mattresses are expensive, so you likely want to avoid having to replace yours amid the other expenses of a move. Placing yours in a specially made mattress box will help keep it from getting stained or dirty. This is especially important if you’ll be traveling any distance with it strapped to the top of a car or truck, or if it will be in storage for awhile.

2. Wardrobe Boxes

To keep garments from getting torn or lost, it’s helpful to have a specialty box for them. Wardrobe boxes often feature hooks at one end so you can keep your clothes in pristine condition on hangers.

3. Medium-Sized Boxes

moving and storageMake the move easier on yourself by storing heavy items in multiple, medium-sized boxes rather than all in one large box. For example, if you’re moving many books, then a packing-crate-sized container could easily become too heavy to lift. Instead, put the books in several medium containers that can be easily loaded into vehicles.

4. Extra-Large Boxes

Keep a variety of lightweight items like sheets and towels in these boxes. Extra-large boxes are also good for the various trinkets floating around your home that might not fit neatly with other packing categories.

5. Extra-Strong Boxes

For breakable items like glasses and plates or delicate decorations, extra strong boxes are needed. These containers, which are often made from corrugated cardboard, won’t break open during the move, and they’ll also provide a stiff layer of protection between the fragile contents of the box and other items that could jostle them in the back of a truck. Don’t forget to label those boxes as requiring special care.


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