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5 Signs Your Carpet Needs to Be Replaced June 8, 2018

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5 Signs Your Carpet Needs to Be Replaced, Barnesville, Ohio

The average life span of carpet is 10 years, but factors such as wear and tear, traffic, and lack of maintenance can make a replacement necessary sooner. How does a homeowner know when it’s time to start looking at new flooring? With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Flag Floors of Barnesville in Ohio shares a few warning signs it’s time to start looking for new carpet.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Carpet

1. It’s Old

Some homeowners will ignore the flaws in their carpet for decades, but if you’re still walking on the original flooring to a house built in the 1980s, it’s time for a replacement. After 10 years, the carpet begins to lose fibers and padding, putting your subfloor at risk for serious damage.

2. There’s Too Much Wear & Tear

carpetIf your carpet has tears, is matted in places, or appears to be unraveling in spots, it’s possible a professional can repair one or two areas. Three or more tears or especially large holes, however, are a sure sign it’s time to replace it instead.

3. It Smells

Sometimes, a house will begin to smell, but there’s no clear source for the odor. Your carpet might be the culprit. Homeowners who have pets or don’t regularly clean their flooring allow odors to penetrate the fibers and padding. In the worst case scenario, the smell is a sign mold is growing underneath.

4. Your Carpet’s Padding Has Deteriorated

Signs of deteriorated padding include wrinkles, uneven spots, and crinkling when you walk on your carpet. Padding makes carpet comfortable to walk on, buffers sounds, and acts as insulation, so it’s best to get a replacement as soon as possible. 

5. It’s Aesthetically Unpleasant

Home decor can change, and sometimes, the color of your carpet makes it difficult to accessorize the way you’d like. Other times, unsightly stains are hard to remove and hide. There are many reasons your carpet’s appearance might warrant a replacement.

The flooring experts at Flag Floors of Barnesville in Belmont County offer a wide selection of carpet, hardwood, vinyl, or ceramic tile. They have everything you need to make your home look its best. Visit their showroom online to see samples, or call (740) 425-3344 today to speak with one of their specialists.