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How to Put Your Dog at Ease for Pet Sitting June 1, 2018

Washington Heights, Manhattan
How to Put Your Dog at Ease for Pet Sitting, Manhattan, New York

Most dog owners going on vacation feel a bit nervous about leaving their pets behind, but pet sitting is a convenient way to offer peace of mind. There are ways to help prepare your furry loved ones for the visits, so everyone is comfortable and at ease. If you've made this type of in-home arrangement for your dog, here's how to get them ready.

How to Prepare Your Dog For Pet Sitting

1. Go Slow With Initial Contact

Follow your dog's lead when they first meet the pet sitter, and try not to force interaction between the two. Instead, let the sitter reassure your pet during the initial visit by offering loving words and physical petting if your dog allows them to. Build on the connection during subsequent visits.

2. Introduce Treats

pet sittingAnother useful technique is sharing the distribution of treats. Take turns with the pet sitter giving your dog a tasty treat. Take notice of how the pet sitter makes contact, and look for signs of encouragement and compassion. The idea is to make the interaction a positive one by associating treats with the pet sitter.

3. Take the Dog for a Walk

Consider taking a walk with your dog and the pet sitter. At the start of the journey, you should take the leash. The pet sitter should try to walk a few feet off to the side of the dog. After a few minutes, hand the leash over to the sitter to see their response.

Do a Trial Run

Before your family leaves, do a trial run of the pet sitting visit. Arrange to have the sitter spend a few hours with your dog, so they can get used to the new face. If possible, schedule at least two mini visits to help with the acclimation.

As an extended member of the family, you want to ensure your dog receives love, care, and companionship while you're away. An experienced pet sitting specialist can provide all three and more. Pet Fashion & Grooming in New York, NY, is your trusted source for all the services needed to take care of your dog. To learn more about available services and pet supplies, call (347) 726-9409 or visit the website.
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