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Why New Home Inspections Are So Important May 29, 2018

Highland Heights, Newport-Fort Thomas
Why New Home Inspections Are So Important, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Purchasing an older home automatically means scheduling an inspection before signing the final papers, but what about new construction residences? New home inspections are just as important, even if the house appears to be in perfect condition. Below, the certified home inspectors at Prior To Purchase Inspection Services in Highland Heights, KY, explain why this service is crucial. 

Why New Home Inspections Are Essential

Determines Whether the House Is up to Code

The building codes outlined by municipalities are the minimum standards only. Municipal building inspectors check whether the house meets these minimums, something that does not necessarily reflect the overall quality of the structure. Scheduling private new home inspection services guarantees any issues that could affect your decision are made clear to you.

new home inspectionsChecks for Defects

New home inspections look at every system in your potential home, including the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and gas systems for defects. They also examine other elements municipal inspectors may not have noticed, such as lack of insulation in the attic or faulty light fixtures throughout the entire second floor. This makes it possible to commission repair services before you move in, so you don’t have to deal with contractors while you are getting settled.

Ensures House Safety

New home inspections provide peace of mind in regards to home safety. Since no one else has lived in your new house, you have no record of any problems, safety-related or otherwise. Requesting certified home inspection services provides your home with a thorough safety check so you do not have to worry about poorly-installed wiring causing a fire or water damage from leaking plumbing. 

Work with Prior To Purchase Inspection Services for comprehensive new home inspections that include air sampling for mold, water quality testing, and termite and radon testing. The company proudly serves the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. Call (859) 802-8561 to schedule an inspection today or visit their website to read the latest testimonials. Follow the inspectors on Twitter for helpful home tips.

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