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The 3 Most Important Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids May 22, 2018

New York, Richmond
The 3 Most Important Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids, New York, New York

Children have so much energy and so much to share that they can never have enough creative outlets. Two of the most important outlets you can provide include art and music. For instance, voice or guitar lessons through the DEA Music and Art in Staten Island, NY, provide them an exceptional avenue of expression and offer a number of other benefits, as well. Below is a brief list of some advantages they'll enjoy with music or voice lessons.

3 Important Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids

1.  It Helps Improve Memory

Music lessons fully engage the left side of the brain which governs logic, science, mathematics, and parts of memory. In fact, music therapy is a popular and effective treatment for symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Stimulation of the left hemisphere, along with the repetition required to perfect musical performance, improves memory and helps children who study guitar or another instrument remember things more easily than children who do not.

2. It Teaches Discipline & Self-Confidence

guitar lessons in Staten Island, NYThe study of guitar teaches children discipline that they might not otherwise master. They learn how to sit down and practice a piece until they get it right. This not only encourages discipline but improves self-confidence, as well, since they learn that through the application of effort they can succeed.

3. It Improves Coordination & Multitasking

The intricate finger movements required to play guitar improve hand/eye coordination. Moreover, because each hand must perform separate tasks simultaneously, it stimulates the growth of neural pathways between the two brain hemispheres and improves the ability to multitask.

As you can see, guitar lessons offer your child a number of important benefits. They improve your child's discipline, coordination, and memory and encourage them to think creatively. Contact DEA Music and Art School in Staten Island, NY for more information. They offer instruction in a variety of instruments, as well as voice lessons and art classes. Visit their website to view location information, or call (718) 370-7733 to discuss your options.