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What Makes Guinness Healthier Than Other Beers? May 28, 2018

Downtown West, Minneapolis
What Makes Guinness Healthier Than Other Beers?, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Instantly recognized by its rich burnt flavor, creamy consistency, and foamy head, Guinness beer is truly a unique stout. But there’s another reason why it’s worth indulging in this centuries-old libation: It offers many health benefits over traditional options. If you’re looking for a guilt-free experience, here are a few reasons why Guinness should be a top choice the next time you stop into your favorite Irish pub.


Similar to chocolate and wine, Guinness offers high levels of antioxidant compounds known as flavonoids. These are known for boosting heart health by helping to clear out cholesterol-clogged arteries and increasing blood clotting abilities. It also contains good amounts of vitamin B6, which is known to ward off heart disease.

Lower Calories

beerIf you’re watching your waistline, Guinness may help you stay on track. Due to its high-fiber content, the stout is notorious for giving pub-goers a satisfying full feeling. It offers fewer calories than most standard beers; in fact, it’s only a bit higher than popular light options.

Minimized Alcohol Content

When you want to enjoy a cold glass and stay sober, Guinness is the way to go. Most beers—particularly craft brews—offer an ABV of 5% or higher. The original Guinness, on the other hand, is slightly lower at 4.2%.  

Bone-Strengthening Minerals

When it comes to osteoporosis-fighting beverages, calcium-rich milk may take the spotlight—but Guinness is a worthy understudy. This stout contains high amounts of silicon, a mineral that is recognized for contributing to bone mass.


If you have a hankering for this healthy beer, there’s no better place to visit than Devil’s Advocate. Located in Minneapolis, MN, this popular Irish pub is known for serving up cold, creamy pints of the world-favorite stout. The hot spot also features a wide selection of other adult beverages, including craft beers, whiskey drinks, and craft cocktails. Visit the website to browse their enticing menu options—and when you can enjoy discounted happy hour drinks. For reservations or event space bookings, call a friendly staff member at (612) 333-2644.