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NYC Laundry Service Explains How to Clean Bed Comforters May 30, 2018

Kips Bay, Manhattan
NYC Laundry Service Explains How to Clean Bed Comforters, Manhattan, New York

When you want to freshen up your bed, cleaning the comforter can help remove stains and restore the room to a clean, comfortable retreat. However, the process can be a struggle. In addition to their unwieldy bulk, many comforters require special cleaning instructions or considerations. Luckily, the experts at Mr Anthony Cleaners—the leading laundry service in New York City, NY—are passionate about sharing their expertise. Here, they’ve created a guide to successfully washing your comforters.

Laundry Service Guide to Cleaning Bed Comforters

Check the Label

laundry serviceThe first step to cleaning your comforter is to check the care label, as this will provide the manufacturer’s specific instructions. These guidelines will depend on the type of bedding you have, as well as the fabric material and size. For example, washing machines can damage wool and silk. They may require hand-washing or even dry cleaning. Furthermore, the label will indicate special instructions, such as water temperature and wash cycle.

Choose Your Detergent

Next, determine what detergent you should use. For most comforters, a natural or mild soap works best, but a patch test can help you decide whether a cleanser is safe on the fabric. Avoid bleach even for all-white blankets, as it can damage the filling. 

Dry Thoroughly

If the label doesn't indicate line drying, transfer the comforter to the dryer. Consider adding tennis balls to help fluff and evenly distribute stuffing. You can also interrupt the drying process every half an hour or so to fluff and promote even drying.

If you need help washing your comforters or clothing, turn to the experts at Mr Anthony Cleaners. This laundry service is dedicated to prompt, friendly service and will exercise extreme care with your items, whether they're washing, dry cleaning or providing alterations. Busy New Yorkers also appreciate the added convenience of laundry delivery. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a pick-up, give them a call today at (212) 689-8689. You can also visit their website for more information.