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Top 4 Concrete Pool Deck Options to Choose From May 18, 2018

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Top 4 Concrete Pool Deck Options to Choose From  , 10, Illinois

The pool deck material and design you choose plays a major role in the overall aesthetic appeal and function of your space. In general, concrete remains the most durable, long-lasting, and moisture-resistant material for pool construction. Unlike wood, it will never mold or rot; unlike plastic, it looks lovely and can endure for a lifetime. Plus, concrete holds virtually limitless customization options. If you’re planning your outdoor oasis, here are four ideas to inspire you.

Pool Construction 101: 4 Cool Concrete Pool Deck Options

1. Broom Finish

Broom finish is like any concrete—except it’s perfectly smooth and level, with a lightly textured finish. As the name suggests, landscapers achieve this desirable finish by lighting brushing a broom across its surface before it sets. If you want a minimalist look, broom finish concrete may be right for your pool deck.

2. Colored

Concrete can be stained a number of colors, from coral to champagne to deep sienna. If you want to add a pop of vibrancy to your pool deck, you may want to consider enhancing its hue with a custom color selection.

3. Stamped

pool constructionConcrete can also be stamped with myriad patterns, shapes, and designs. The pool construction professionals can stamp the custom stencils onto the concrete, creating the precise pattern you desire. Stamped concrete can also be combined with color and textural approaches to create a completely unique look.

4. Pavers

Concrete pavers, which consist of brick-like tiles of concrete, evoke all the classic charm of cobblestone. Pavers can be rounded, hexagonal, square, or virtually any other shape you desire. Whether you want a smooth, streamlined look or the looser look of times past, they are also highly customizable. As an added bonus, the tiny crevices between each one allows water to seep into the earth, making them the most effective option for drainage purposes.  


If you’re planning to build a pool on your property, consult Columbia, Illinois’ premier swimming pool contractor. The experienced team from Destination Pools has been helping locals craft the custom pool designs of their dreams for over a decade. To check out samples of their intricate work, visit the website. If you would like to get started on your pool construction project, call a friendly team member today at (618) 281-7776.

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