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How AI Affects the Future of Digital Marketing May 18, 2018

Richmond Hill, Bryan
How AI Affects the Future of Digital Marketing, Richmond Hill, Georgia

From self-driving cars to pocket assistants, technology seems to advance exponentially with each passing day. One of the most exciting breakthroughs in the tech world is artificial intelligence, or AI. At BL Digital Enterprises in Richmond Hill, GA, their team is dedicated to facilitating the goals of business owners with digital marketing strategies, and AI can contribute to this mission. If you’re unfamiliar with this corner of the tech world, consider the following overview of artificial intelligence and how it promises to enhance the content marketing industry.

An Intro to AI

digital marketingThe CEO of one of the most prominent AI startups, DeepMind, described artificial intelligence as the “science of making machines smart.” In a sense, AI personifies machines, expanding their ability to adopt algorithms until they may eventually craft algorithms of their own. Ultimately, machines that run on artificial intelligence will be able to think on their feet, building on the knowledge they were first endowed with. Like a child that soaks up information like a sponge and gradually matures, this technology will have the freedom to adapt to various paths and serve numerous industries.  

Even today, internet users are interacting with AI—though it may go unnoticed. Facebook uses this technology to filter their users’ personal feeds and learn which faces to tag in your latest photo. Even Netflix generates its recommendations by analyzing your preferences and using an algorithm to suggest similar films.

How AI Will Affect the Content Marketing Industry

In the world of content marketing, demand is always rising. While some companies struggle to churn out engaging content for all their clients, others are learning to adapt to the technological climate. For example, while a digital marketing team might spend days brainstorming buzzwords, writing posts, personalizing content, broadcasting updates, and planning campaigns, AI-assisted companies are getting more done in less time. By working with algorithm-based machines to generate ideas and perform basic social media actions, content marketing teams can refine their output instead of struggling to keep up with it.

While many of today’s most successful AI companies have the benefit of venture capital funding, efforts are being made to simplify access to the technology. In the meantime, digital marketing companies can focus on analyzing sections of their routine that might benefit from automation, and take advantage of software that already incorporates artificial intelligence.

BL Digital Enterprises is happy to stay abreast of advancements in the digital marketing landscape. Their intuitive team offers everything from social media campaigns to web design and public relations, so you can get your business off the ground and on your customers’ minds. For more information, call today at (912) 312-9381 and visit the website to learn about their wide array of services.

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