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4 Kitchen Countertop & Cabinet Trends to Keep on Your Radar June 15, 2018

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4 Kitchen Countertop & Cabinet Trends to Keep on Your Radar, Barnesville, Ohio

From helping kids do homework to chatting with neighbors over coffee, many homeowners use their kitchens for more than just cooking. If your kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the house, it makes sense for the space to be as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible. If you want to invest in a few upgrades, here are some countertop and cabinet trends to keep on your radar. 

4 Countertop & Cabinet Ideas to Inspire Your Kitchen Makeover

1. Mixing & Matching Materials

If you have laminate or wood countertops, consider mixing and matching materials when investing in an upgrade. Although traditional counters are often the same materials, many homeowners add an eclectic feel to their kitchens by combing natural stone, metal, and wood elements. Doing so also adds texture and visual interest to home interiors. When thinking of ways to mix materials, consider adding a split-level kitchen island; one level can have a metal surface for food prep, while the other can be made of quartz to hold hot plates and pans.   

2. Using Glass Doors

countertopsIf you have precious china or stacks of dishware tucked away in kitchen cabinets, consider swapping out the current fixtures for glass-front models. This way, you can put the items on full display. Arranging the dishware in neat rows and stacks will also bring a sense of balance to the space and make it feel more organized.  

3. Investing in Metal Countertops

If current countertops are covered in nicks, scratches, and stains, swap out the dingy, worn surfaces for shiny metal upgrades. Commonplace in commercial kitchens, the material is becoming a popular choice for homeowners due to its durability and rust-resistant properties. When weighing options, look for a finish that complements any appliances in the room with metal coverings.   

4. Installing Deep Cabinet Drawers

If you are constantly running out of storage space for rarely used appliances, large pots and pans, and additional items without a permanent home, replace shallow cabinets for those that have deep drawers. This way, you’ll have room to hold everything without taking up more space in the kitchen.  


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