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The Most Common Reasons Driveways Crack May 25, 2018

Bluefield, Mercer
The Most Common Reasons Driveways Crack, Bluefield, West Virginia

With the right maintenance, a properly installed driveway will stand up to the elements for years. Over time, however, small cracks in the asphalt or concrete paving will eventually turn into major fissures and potholes if they’re not taken care of quickly. Understanding what causes cracks and how to prevent them can help you avoid expensive driveway repairs and get the most out of your concrete.

Common Causes of Driveway Cracks

1. Improper Installation

A solid driveway depends on a strong foundation, preferably made of crushed stone and aggregate. Unfortunately, many concrete paving contractors use softer materials to save time and cut costs, but those decisions usually come back to haunt the homeowner later. When water penetrates the subbase and freezes in the winter, you might find cracks in the spring, even if your driveway is brand new.

2. De-Icing Salt

driveway repairsWinter is hard enough on your driveway, and de-icing salt can make it even worse. Once it melts the snow or ice, the runoff may have nowhere to go but down into the asphalt or concrete, where it freezes again when the temperature drops. To avoid cracks, use sand or kitty litter to add traction in the winter.

3. Excessive Weight

Residential driveways are built to handle a certain amount of weight and can usually accommodate a couple of passenger cars or trucks. Anything heavier than a few tons will likely result in cracks that penetrate deep into the surface.

4. Poor Maintenance

Regular sealing and routine maintenance are much easier and less expensive than paying for concrete paving and repairs. Depending on the local climate, have your driveway’s surface sealed every couple of years and have any cracks fixed as soon as possible.


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