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Don't Train Through These 3 Sports Injuries May 25, 2018

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Don't Train Through These 3 Sports Injuries, Cherokee Village, Arkansas

Some sports injuries are rather minor, and you can recover from them at home with a modified exercise regimen. Others, however, require sports therapy and significant rest, and you should abstain from any further training while they’re healing. Here, Therapy Works Inc in Cherokee Village, AR, shares three injuries that will need this kind of rest in order to heal properly. 

3 Injuries You Shouldn’t Train Through

1. Runner’s Knee

Many people who experience patellofemoral pain syndrome, or pain when their kneecap rubs on their patella, keep running or otherwise exercising. However, being active while experiencing this pain may cause damage and possibly misalign your kneecap. Sports therapy can offer different moves and exercises to strengthen the quads and hips and promote balanced muscles to alleviate this pain.

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2. Stress Fractures

When it comes to broken bones, stress fractures can seem like the least serious. However, these tiny crevices may cause major aches and even turn into full breaks if you keep putting stress on them. It’s a good idea to visit a sports therapy specialist who can assess the issue and diagnose how it first happened. They’ll recommend low-impact activities and other ways to speed up healing, like taking calcium supplements or addressing a hormone imbalance.

3. Hamstring Strains

Muscle injuries are often chronic, occurring repeatedly over a long period of time. If a strain is causing you discomfort, you should rest, stretch regularly, and avoid worsening the injury by training. Seeking treatment from a sports therapist may help you learn how to mitigate the pain and continue being active without compounding the injury.

If you continue exercising without seeking sports therapy for these injuries, you may make them worse and require additional time to heal. To talk with the experienced team at Therapy Works Inc about your medical concerns, call (870) 856-4325. Visit the website for information on their services for clients recovering from various sports injuries. 

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