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3 Tips for Sleeping Comfortably on Your Sofa May 29, 2018

Havelock, Lincoln
3 Tips for Sleeping Comfortably on Your Sofa, Lincoln, Nebraska

Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed. However, in some scenarios, the most convenient option available is the sofa. If this describes your situation, you can still get a good night’s rest! According to Salvage Warehouse, an elite used furniture store in Lincoln and Grand Island, NE, there are three main tips to snoozing comfortably.

Used Furniture Store Explains How to Get the Best Sleep on a Couch

1. Remove Extra Cushions

One disadvantage of sleeping on a couch is the lack of space. You likely cannot stretch out as you would in your bed. However, you can give yourself a little more wiggle room by removing as many unnecessary cushions as possible. This includes decorative pillows, armrest cushions, and even back support cushions.

2. Use a Real Pillow

Iused furnituret can be all-too-easy to grab a sofa pillow and use that throughout the night. However, these cushions were not designed to lay on. Most often, they are too stuffed to be comfortable as they prop up your head. This can even wake you up with an achy neck or even a headache. Instead, take a pillow from your bed or use a spare. 

3. Spread a Bed Sheet

To make your sofa feel more like a bed, spread an extra sheet over the surface and tuck it securely into corners to ensure it stays put. This will give you a more comfortable, familiar surface to lay upon. Likewise, it will often be cooler than the fabric of the couch. Most people fall into a deeper sleep in a colder environment as your internal clock associates the temperature with bedtime.

There are many ways to sleep deeply even on your sofa. If after a night you decide it's time to replace the couch, head to Salvage Warehouse. As the go-to used furniture shop in the area, they boast a wide variety of products. From used or discount appliances to living room décor, they have over 40 years’ experience providing customers with the best products. For more information, or to check out their used furniture, visit their website or call (402) 466-­8294 today.

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