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3 Reasons Kids Should Swim in Natural Water July 17, 2018

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3 Reasons Kids Should Swim in Natural Water, Piermont, New Hampshire

There is a pervasive belief among some parents that kids should stick to the treated water of a pool. But swimming in natural bodies of water, such as ponds or lakes, offers a host of benefits. At Camp Walt Whitman, children are free to swim and explore the beautiful waters of New England. Below, this summer camp explains the benefits of swimming in natural water.

Why Kids Should Experience Untreated Water

1. Enjoy the Convenience

For many, the only way to get access to a pool is by membership or payment. Everybody has to take the time to rinse off before diving in, and in the end, you’ll have to leave before the pool closes. But none of those rules apply for natural water. Most lakes and ponds are open to anyone at any time, within reason. Even in summer camp, lakes are more openly available for fun summer activities such as boating and water skiing.

2. Get in Touch With Nature

summer campIn a pool, your children are far removed from nature. From chlorinated water to concrete flooring, kids just don’t get to connect with the wild. Instead, expose your children to the elements over the summer. Lakes and ponds are a deeply ingrained part of nature, so once you jump in, you become immersed in it. At summer camp, your kids can find and identify foliage, search for interesting stones, swim among the fishes, and observe the beautiful scenery.

3. Experience Health Benefits

Many believe that lakes and ponds are unsanitary to swim in, but that simply isn’t true. Secluded natural bodies of water aren’t damaged by chemical runoff. Plants like water lilies and flag irises naturally filter their homes, ridding them of nitrates and algae. Their cool temperature also boosts blood circulation on hot, sluggish days. Best of all, your kids will get plenty of physical activity in from swimming around all day.

Make sure your child has a summer to remember by signing them up for Camp Walt Whitman. This coed camp is situated on Lake Arlington and features the quiet, beautiful scenery of New England. There are plenty of exciting activities for your kids to participate in, from ceramics to boating lessons. To learn more about the well-balanced programs this summer camp provides, visit them online. Call (800) 657-8282 today to schedule a tour of the campground.