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A Simple Guide to Good Posture While Reading in Bed June 18, 2018

Mason, Warren
A Simple Guide to Good Posture While Reading in Bed, Mason, Ohio

Reading is a fantastic way to relax before sleep, but doing so in bed can sometimes lead to headaches, a sore neck, or poor posture when done without the right pillow. If you enjoy settling down with a good book, consider these tips to avoid discomfort.

3 Tips for Reading in Bed

1. Use the Right Pillow for Your Head

pillowsEvery body shape is different, so that a certain pillow may work better for you than others. The best pillow will allow your head to rest in a neutral position. This means your neck is in a straight line compared to the rest of the spine. It will conform to your neck and head without pushing back against them. Don’t use a pillow that causes your neck to be bent in any way whenever you are holding a book or reading.

2. Place a Pillow Under Your Arms

You will also need a second or third pillow to offer support to the arms as you hold a book or e-reader vertically. This pillow or pillows should lift the arms so the book or tablet is within your line of vision without causing you to raise or tilt your head. Don’t rely on arm strength to hold the book up. Let the pillow do it for you.

3. Support Your Legs

Some people will experience back pain in a lying down position. Use a pillow to support your bended knees to relieve any pressure on the back. It’s crucial to be as relaxed as possible. Otherwise, your muscles will tense over time and cause pain.


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