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3 Vacations That Combine Relaxation & Culture September 4, 2018

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3 Vacations That Combine Relaxation & Culture, Brighton, New York

Today, when people go on vacation, they don’t always want to just lie in the sun or solely sight-see the major cities. There are places you can visit where you can enjoy some relaxing time and learn about the local culture. If you’re interested in getting more out of a vacation than a beach escape, consider these three options that pair local ventures with a chance to kick back.

3 Places You Can Relax & Enjoy the Culture  

1. Portugal

The shimmering Algarve coast brings the dramatic mountains of southern Portugal to more than 150 rolling beaches. Watch surfers glide over the blue tide from hilltop walks or hunt for a beach all to yourself. That’s a possibility unique to Portugal: while Algarve’s beauty is comparable to that of Majorca or St. Tropez, it hasn’t yet caught on as a top destination. 

Portugal’s other secret? A truly stunning cuisine. Think olive oil, simmering garlic, parsley, and spice. The diet-conscious will find flavor and health in equal measures with bacalhau, Portuguese for cod, complete with onions, olives, eggs, and lemon. Cataplana de Marisco is a delightful seafood stew, combining prawns, littleneck clams, and famed Portuguese sausage. Enjoy it in its traditional copper plate while watching the waves crash.

2. Peru

vacationIn the fifteenth century, the mighty Inca Empire built a citadel atop a tall mountain. Named Machu Picchu, the site offers a breathtaking panorama of the Andes’ Sacred Valley. Those with a passion for exploration will find one of the most celebrated hiking trails on Earth, fascinating historical sights, and all the remnants of a vivid ancient religion. 

Unwind by enjoying Peru’s unique cuisine. Local ceviche takes advantage of the incredible quality of Peruvian seafood by cooking scallops or fish in citrus. This process yields an extremely refreshing, healthy dish. For more of a kick, try a spicy rocoto pepper stuffed with ground beef, onions, and olives, tempered with a creamy egg and milk sauce.

3. Croatia

This beautiful European country is known for its unique architecture and location next to the Adriatic Sea. Whether you prefer sailing on the incredible blue waters or taking a walking tour around historic Korcula Island, there are many ways to explore the country. Enjoy lobster from Dalmatia, strudla with apple, and pogaca bread while you’re there.


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