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Common Questions About Genetic Testing Answered May 29, 2018

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Common Questions About Genetic Testing Answered, Artesia, New Mexico

Thanks to modern science, genetic testing is now accessible to citizens across the U.S. It can shed light on many common medical questions and it can also be helpful in planning for the future. If you’ve never had this type of testing performed, you may be interested in knowing more. Here to answer some of the most common questions on genetic diagnostics is the team from Artesia Drug & Alcohol Screening, a leading testing center in Artesia, NM.

Genetic Testing FAQ & Answers   

What Is Genetic Testing?

Genes, which are made up of DNA, are found in our chromosomes. Mutated genes can cause certain types of diseases, while other genes are exclusive to certain groups of people. Thus, by screening a person’s genes through the collection of blood or saliva, lab technicians can uncover a person’s risks for diseases and how likely they might be to pass along a disease to offspring, among other genetic factors.

What Are Some Health-Driven Reasons for Testing?

If a serious illness runs in your family and genetic predisposition is a known risk factor, your doctor may prompt you to undergo genetic testing. Many types of cancers, diabetes, and heart diseases have hereditary risk factors. Testing helps to better pinpoint your likelihood of developing the disease, which will allow doctors to monitor your health more closely to support early detection and treatment. It will also give you the power to make informed preventive care decisions.

Are There Other Reasons for Testing?

genetic testingWhen couples are planning to have a family, they may also wish to be tested for genes that can pass down latent diseases. Certain serious conditions, such as sickle cell disease, Tay-Sachs disease, and cystic fibrosis can be passed down to a child if both parents have recessive genes. Testing for these genes can help prospective parents explore their options for having children.  

What Should I Do If I’m Interested?

Often, the first step for pursuing genetic testing is having a conversation with your doctor. They will determine whether you’re a good candidate for testing based on your concerns and family health history. After you’ve been recommended for testing, you can check with your insurance provider to learn about coverage and find a reputable testing facility near you.

When individuals in Artesia, NM, need prompt and accurate genetic tests, they turn to Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening. Their laboratory is a trusted resource in the community and also provides paternity testing and country-of-origin screening. Learn more about their services on their website or call (575) 746-3404 to get in touch.

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