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5 Creative Ways You Can Honor Your Loved One May 23, 2018

Belleville, Belleville
5 Creative Ways You Can Honor Your Loved One, Belleville, Illinois

Losing a beloved family member or friend is one of the hardest challenges you can face. Many people hold onto grief long after funeral services have come to an end. However, you might find you want to do more than simply say goodbye. Often, compassionate acts can help you sort out complex feelings and begin to heal. Here are a few unique ways you can honor a loved one’s memory.

5 Unique Ways to Honor a Loved One’s Life

1. Plant a Tree 

funeralPlanting a tree is an amazing way to bring new life into the world after a loved one has passed away. After the funeral, remains can be placed into a planter that mixes seeds and minerals with the cremation ashes. You can then plant the tree in a special place and watch it grow.

2. Make a Memorial Quilt

If your loved one had a few favorite shirts or socks, you can have a beautiful quilt stitched together to honor them. Each patch is representative of a different time in their life and can bring back fond memories each time you look at it.

3. Build a Bench Memorial

Bench memorials are a beautiful testament to your loved one, especially if they had a favorite spot they liked to sit and rest. A park, library, or other public space are nice places to start. A funeral director can often provide some information about local laws for building a seating area where you live.

4. Light Up the Sky

For the adventurous friends or family members, a beautiful array of lights and colors might be the best way to honor a loved one’s memory. Some companies allow you to put your loved one’s ashes into fireworks to be set off at a special event or occasion of your choosing. Make sure to bring them to a place they’re allowed to be launched to ensure you’re following local laws.

5. Donate to a Worthy Cause

Many people are passionate about a certain cause, such as hungry children, abused animals, or a variety of life-threatening diseases. Although many people might want to send you gifts, ask them to donate to a charity that does amazing work for something your loved one deeply cared about instead.


Honor your loved one’s memory with help from Serenity Memorial Funeral & Cremation Services in Belleville, IL, and St. Louis, MO. Their compassionate staff understands how hard it is to say goodbye and works with you to create a beautiful ceremony that serves as a testament to your loved one’s memory. If you need assistance planning a funeral, visit them online, or call (314) 389-1900 to speak with someone who can help make this difficult time a little easier.

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