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4 Tips for Placing a Stylish Circular Area Rug in Your Home May 25, 2018

Sunset Acres, Lincoln
4 Tips for Placing a Stylish Circular Area Rug in Your Home , Lincoln, Nebraska

Your home is your domain, a place for you to live, relax, and entertain. When it comes to decorating, you want it to look inviting, stylish, and uniquely you. One smart way to add warmth and beauty to a room is with an area rug. Although they come in all shapes and sizes, round area rugs are one of the more popular designs. They’re also a bit challenging to style, so here are four tips to get you started. 

How to Add a Round Area Rug in Your Home 

1. Layer With Other Rugs 

Layering adds visual interest and dimension to a space. You can layer multiple round rugs or place a circular rug on top of a rectangular or square one. For instance, if you have a square carpet beneath your bed, put a round carpet partially layered on top of the square. You can also place ottomans on top of the round rug at the foot of your bed for another layer, and for the practical purpose of storage and seating. 

2. Pair With Curvy Furniture 

area rugLike complementary colors, pairing similar shapes is an excellent way to bring harmony to a room. Put your round rug beneath a round coffee, dining, or side table. Large round rugs can also work well under curvy couches. When pairing with a dining table, make sure the carpet is large enough to accommodate the chairs as well. Swivel chairs work well, too. 

3. Incorporate Decor with Curves & Circles 

In addition to furniture, you can add complementary shapes with the decor. Consider using round or curved floor lamps, round clocks, and curvy vases or plant containers. You can also add rounded and curved houseplants to bring a touch of nature indoors and bring life to the space. Curvy and circular patterns in drapes, throws, and upholstery can work well too. 

4. Make a Vignette 

Vignettes are a beautiful way to add a dash of creativity without overwhelming the space. These can work well with most aesthetics and designed with your unique perspective. For instance, you might choose a bold-patterned round rug to put beneath a small end table decorated with plants, a lamp, and books or picture frames. You could also display trinkets from your travels or other keepsakes. 


Whether it’s carpet or laminate, flooring is an essential factor in home decor. If you’re on the hunt for the ideal flooring materials for your home, turn to Carpet Land in Lincoln, NE, for everything from area rugs to hardwood. With a broad range of high-quality products and quick, 48-hour installation services, they’re one of the region’s finest flooring companies. Call (402) 467-6363 to speak with a friendly staff member or visit their website for more tips and inspiration. 

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